Cuba’s Horses is improving the well being of the working horse in Cuba which will allow them to provide many more years of service to the equine owners.  Not only will they continue to earn a living and feed their families, but do so in a sustainable and humane manner. Our goal is to provide horse and other equines with a healthier and happier life while continuing to provide income for the Cuban people.

To accomplish this:

  • Stage one includes regular deworming as well as providing protective equipment to prevent sores and lamenesses.
  • Stage two includes providing education for owners, farriers, veterinarians, harness makers, and other equine professionals to increase awareness of the problems as well as the solutions affecting the horses.
  •  Stage three includes the establishment of businesses to manufacture protective equipment and needed horse supplies within Cuba

By providing support, education and delivering necessary equipment and medicines, we work to improve the standard of living for equines in Cuba as well as their owners and their families.