The horses in Cuba primarily work for a living, pulling a cart or a carriage.

Without their horses many Cubans would not be able to make a living or feed their families.

Our goal is to help keep the horses sound and healthy so they can continue to provide income for their owners without suffering.

Horses in Cuba

The nearly 1 million horses in Cuba are not luxury items as they are in most industrialized nations but rather a means to be able to earn an income and feed a family,  For the most part, it is not the well-off that have horses but rather those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder.   As most lack motorized vehicles they rely on equines to do the work of transporting goods and people.    The horse is a vital part of the Cuban horse owner’s livelihood.

Horses can interfere due to shoeing, fatigue, or comformation.

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Ill-fitting equipment can cause painful rubbing and sores.

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Horse feed in Cuba is often limited in its nutritional value.

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No working horse has an easy life whether they pull a cart to deliver water and food to homes or take crops and merchandise to market, are hitched to a carriage for public transport, ridden by their owners to get to and from work or provide trail rides for tourist.   They work long days often toiling over hard and uneven terrain in hot and humid conditions.  Water can be limited and protection from the hot sun is seldom available.   Little rest is provided for the working horse as people need to make a living and the kids need to be fed.

Limited access to proper equipment, nutritious feed,  veterinary care or even professional horseshoeing all are problems which make it difficult to achieve the goal of increased health and more humane treatment for these equines.  Horses often have to work when injured or ill as people must feed their families and often have no alternatives to working their equine. While working a lame or injured horse can only intensify the problem, the horse owner is frequently faced with the question:  Do my children go without or does my horse work? Most often, the horse comes out the loser.

Excess weight can cause long and short-term injuries.

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Humane methods of constraint exist and should be utilized.

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Horses need their to be reshod on a regular basis.

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Cuba is filled with warm, generous and humane people who wish to care for their horses in the best way possible  Keeping their horses healthy and sound is of prime importance not just for the horse but for the people that need them to put food on the table.

CUBA’S HORSES  consists of experts in horses who care deeply for all equines. We have the knowledge, commitment and access to needed supplies which enables us to offer support and assistance. By aiding owners with healthcare, equipment, and education, we will help increase the productivity, longevity, and happiness of the working horses in Cuba. We want the equines and their owners have a better life.   We are part of the solution.


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Promoting the well being of the working horse


Promoting the well being of the working horse


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