Success Stories


Lazaro:   “I like horses a lot. I am very grateful for the donations that you brought for we lack a lot for our horses.  Thank you very much.”

Lazaro has since left Cuba and now lives in Florida.   He works in the trucking business and says while he has to work hard, he is able to provide a better life for his family back in Cuba.   His brother, Vladimir was his carriage partner and misses him tremendously.


Panache:   Panache has one horse that he bought as a 2-year-old.   He is now 12.   He feels honored to have a horse and that Dorado is part of his family.   Dorado works one day out of every three.

Dorado had hoof problems where he hit his hind foot with his front and as a result, the front of his back hoof was missing.   Cuba’s Horses suggested some changes on how he was shod and 6 months later his feet are in great shape.


Fernando:  “In Cuba, many horses suffer from tendonitis from the work and they colic from lack of vitamins.  It is a great effort to get medicines of all types. We want to inform you that our horses, for me, are part of our family.”

He has two horses: Cien and Bucanero.  Cien has some problems with his tendons and Fernando is doing his best to take care of his legs.  The SMB should help.


Mirio:   “I love all animals but prefer horses.  I am a man from the countryside  and for me,  my horses are my friends.”


Armando:   “The horses that we have are like family.   We care for them with much love.”


Miguel:   “Horses are a great friend of man.”