One Man’s Trash

Most of us accumulate a lot of stuff that we will never use again.  It gathers dust and takes up precious space that would be really nice to have.  We save that one splint boot that is still in good shape although the other one your horse ate.  We save the girth guard from 8 years ago when that new girth rubs a sore. (The next time you needed it you couldn’t find it so you bought another).  Vetrap was on sale for a ridiculous price so you stocked up (and that was ten years ago and you never needed it).   Those are just a few reasons your tack room has no room in it.

We have the perfect answer.   The horses in Cuba can use all that stuff.  Whether it is a single boot, whether it is yellow, hot pink, green or turquoise, the working horse in Cuba can make good use of it.  Many times the horse in Cuba wear boots only on the diagonal pair that need it most!  Not only boots but just about everything is in short supply for the horses in Cuba.

All your “trash” can be a Cuban horse’s “treasure” by sending it to us at the address below.  We ask that you drop us an email so we know to look out for it and so we know you to send a huge thank you to as well as a tax receipt.  The horses of Cuba will thank you!


In the United  States, the overuse of ivermectin has reduced its effectiveness substantially.   However, in Cuba studies has shown it is close to 100% effective against parasites.  And in Cuba, where they never have freezing temperatures, parasites are always out of control and so are colics.   With limited availability of veterinary care for their horses, horses frequently die when they get sick.

You can save a life of a Cuban horse.  Often ivermectin is available for only $1.99 a tube. And it can be shipped directly to Cuba’s Horses.  We do ask that you notify us by email if you are so kind to help the horses stay healthy in Cuba so we can send you a huge thank you and a tax receipt.

Health Care

Those of us in industrialized countries take for granted the availability of basic health care item.   We are used to driving to the drug store or Walmart and having all our basic health care needs met instantly.   Imagine that you could not buy ointment for a cut or band aids or….  That is what it is like in Cuba.   A land where there is no frost and is hot and humid so much of the time: a land where infections are just waiting to happen.

It is easily resolved by a $1 tube of antibiotic ointment or a roll of gauze or sterile pads.   All of these are so needed.  All of these can be bought locally and are small and light and easily shipped to Cuba’s Horses.  The Cuban horses will love you for it!

Please send us an email that you have sent such items so we know to say thank you to and send a tax receipt.

Travelling to the Island?

You lucky devil!

Are your suitcases totally full?  If they are, you might want to reconsider what you have packed so there will be room for rum and cigars as well as beautiful art work on the way home.   And then, perhaps all that empty space could be filled with wonderful things that will make the lives of Cuban working horses happier and healthier. Once you arrive in Cuba, you will get to meet interesting locals!

Please contact us if you can lend us (and the horses) some room in your suitcase.   Just think of how you can improve the lives of a horse in Cuba.

Inform the World

The more people that know about our efforts to help the Cuban working equine, the more equines get a helping hand and suffering is reduced.   It can be sharing our Facebook page (Liking it as well) or putting flyers up in all of your favorite horsey hang outs.   Shows, events, clinic, CDE, or even your favorite tack store (while you are replacing your old boots that you sent to Cuba’s Horses), sharing our message is essential.  (Of course, it doesn’t have to be a horsey place at all.  By helping the horses, we are also helping the people.)

We have made it simple for you by providing links to flyers and our brochures.  If you would like them customized for a certain purpose, we can do that too.   Right now a customized flyer is up at an art exhibit and at a consignment shop.  We would love to hear about your creative ideas on how to spread the word!  Please help a Cuban and his horse to better life.




Monetary Donations

Every time you shop at Amazon, you can earn money for Cuba ‘s Horses without any cost to you.   Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to Cuba’s Horses so that some horse in Cuba will have a better life.   Just click on the link below and register at Amazon Smiles.